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+41 78 928 80 85

Through an in-depth approach, various aspects of your life and relationships can be better understood and the potential for your own self development realised.

Offering counselling and psychotherapy, couples therapy, family constellations, self development workshops and parenting advise. I am a member of The British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists and adhere to their guidelines and standards. I have my private practice in English, in Nyon and cover the Geneva and Vaud areas.


Constellations IoPT

Constellation work is a profoundly insightful and direct method for exploring where we are stuck, why and how to move beyond our personal issues. This work reveals the impact that events have had upon us and guides towards the healing of our psyches. Professor Franz Ruppert has developed his theory of identity orientated psychotrauma therapy (IoPT) and uses the method of constellations to assist safe and clear trauma recovery. These workshops take place in English, between the Geneva and Vaud areas, in Nyon.

Constellations - IoPT

This method helps us regain our healthy identities, by showing us where and why we are stuck unconsciously. By seeing how relationships, events and our own survival strategies are impacting us, we become conscious of the dynamics impacting us. The process sheds light on the steps we need take in order to cultivate our own psychological health, inner freedom and autonomy.

Without the need for lengthy talking therapy, this method clearly reveals to us how and why we feel held back, stuck, restricted, lost or ill in our lives. Giving us the opportunity to repair the hidden impacts that trauma and powerful life events can have upon our psyche and our identity.

This is an insightful therapy that allows us to regain our healthy identity. Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert is gaining international recognition for discovering the theory and practice of Identity orientated psychotrauma therapy (IoPT). His work originally stemmed from Bert Hellinger’s family constellation work. I have trained in both methodologies and have now been following the developments of constellation work for over 20 years. For the last 12 years I have followed Franz Ruppert’s profound work with the Self, our identities and trauma. Rather than only focusing on inter-generational family dynamics, this method is clear, safe and deeply transformative in the healing and integrating split off experiences and personality structures.

From the very early stages of conception, neuroscience is revealing that we have awareness. Overwhelming experiences that we cannot cope with (or traumas) in the womb, at birth and as we grow into adulthood are more common than we would like to admit. In order to manage and put away our difficult experiences, our personality splits and gives up parts of our identity in order to survive. The psyche, our body and our feelings split and disconnect from each other. In order to manage this inner fragmentation we create survival strategies, ways of being and coping which are unconscious and often hold us back. Some of our survival strategies may be subtle, such as keeping busy, staying in our minds and cutting off from our feelings. Others can be more felt, such as, addictions, physical illness, mental illness, depression, self destructive behaviour, avoidant behaviour and not knowing or being able to feel who we are.

Look and you will find it, what goes unsought will go undetected.
— Sophocates