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Through an in-depth approach, various aspects of your life and relationships can be better understood and the potential for your own self development realised.

Offering counselling and psychotherapy, couples therapy, family constellations, self development workshops and parenting advise. I am a member of The British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists and adhere to their guidelines and standards. I have my private practice in English, in Nyon and cover the Geneva and Vaud areas.


Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling is a form of therapy which aims to assist a couple in effectively communicating and addressing the underlying dynamics that are impacting their relationship. It is very common in the life of a relationship to reach a phase where it seems impossible to move forward. At this point it can be critical to address your partner and what is happening between you on a deeper level in order to create lasting change.

I work with couples giving them insight, new strategies and skills to enable them to create understanding and growth in their relationship.Through my 20 years of experience in psychotherapy and family dynamics, I have found that learning good communication skills is essential but is often insufficient to get a relationship to fulfil it’s potential. An in depth approach that addresses the relational dynamics is in my view, the only way to truly rediscover connection and cultivate a more loving, supportive and rewarding relationship.


Frustrated couples often feel stuck and that getting through to their partner seems hopeless. They suffer, totally unaware of the simple steps they could take to save their marriage. For some, the suggestion of couples counselling is considered a 'last resort' to save a relationship/marriage. While of course this is sometimes the case, many couples use therapy sessions as a way to keep their relationship healthy, learn relational skills and address any underlying concerns that may become impasses in the future.


The overall aim of couples counselling is to help you do the following:


a deeper insight into the impact you may be having on your partner


how to communicate in a way that enables you to be better received and understood


on past experiences that may be influencing how you operate in the present


and resolve conflicts where possible


a deeper empathic understanding of your partner’s needs 


more trust between the two of you


what could make your relationship more loving, respectful and deeply satisfying


My work with couples is informed by my in-depth work with family dynamics and trauma constellation work. It is empathic, person-centred and very much draws upon the excellent contributions made to the field by IMAGO therapy, H. Hendrix and Dr.J. Gottman. I assess each couple and their needs individually and draw upon different approaches to be able to make a tailor-made therapy that is based upon your relationship’s unique needs. I understand that it can feel like a big step coming to talk about your relationship and often one partner is willing and the other is resistant. I have been married now for 17 years and aim to create a professional, confidential, non-judgemental, and safe environment where:·         

  • You will both be given the time to express yourself and take a look at the underlying issues

  • Your partner will begin to hear what you are saying and vice versa

  • You learn how look after yourself and to manage your emotions

  • You both learn relational and communication skills

  • You learn about your differences, needs and what is important to you both

  • You discover how to bring back intimacy and loving feelings

 “We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship. Indeed we cannot be fully healed outside of a relationship.” H. Hendrix