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Rani Treichel is an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) with over 30 years of experience. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, she has been working with the UN and the international community for over 20 years, offering counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, and families. Rani also offers supervision to other psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, teachers, and healthcare professionals to support their continued professional development.

Having lived in Geneva since 2001, Rani understands life for expats in the area. She is renowned for her work with the international community. From UN agencies, NGOs and multinational organisations such as the ILO, WHO, UNHCR, WTO, CERN and ICRC. Rani also has a wealth of experience of counselling teachers and staff at Switzerland's many international schools, as well as with executive leadership professors and coaches.

Rani Treichel's Counselling & Therapy space


Enriched by her own diverse background that spans many different countries and cultures, Rani deeply relates to the ups and downs created by leading an international life. Trying to integrate into a new culture and community can not only bring up external challenges, but also highlight our internal struggles, and a need to find a sense of meaning and belonging. She knows it is not always easy and sometimes we feel unsupported and can suffer from isolation, anxiety, and depression. Rani offers a nonjudgmental, compassionate and inclusive space where these types of feelings can be explored and worked through. She welcomes and includes, diversity, differences and the complexities of our intersectionalities that we all face. 


A variety of counseling and psychotherapy services to help you find your inner peace. Book an appointment today and start your journey towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

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Explore any underlying conflicts, access your individual life force, learn how to change old patterns and improve your self connection and self esteem.

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Couples Therapy

Whether facing stagnation, disconnection, conflict, crisis or psychosexual issues, learn how to evolve and enhance your relationship.

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Trauma Recovery

A gentle, step by step process where we can heal past experiences, understand how they are stored in the body, and liberate ourselves from their impact.

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Self Development Workshops

A professionally guided day using art therapy dedicated to self exploration. Discover where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

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Constellations & IOPT

Family constellation work and identity orientated psychotrauma therapy (IOPT) provide deeper insights into what's holding us back, and how we can grow.

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Family Therapy

Explore the patterns of behaviour and dynamics in family relationships and take a closer look at what is happening in order to cultivate better connections.


Rani provides clinical supervision for psychotherapists, counsellors, teachers, coaches and other healthcare professionals to enhance good practice. Her focus is relational, in-depth, collaborative and includes the vital importance of addressing our intersectionalities and differences.

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White Sand and Stone
“I also hope you know that you make a big difference in people's lives. I am grateful for you.”

October 2022



Rani Treichel
Chemin du Joran 8b
CH-1260 Nyon

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