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"To allow yourself your own experience is the greatest act of self love."

John Wellwood

The counselling experience 

We choose to take the time to undergo therapy or counselling for a variety of reasons. Usually, there is a seeking to understand why we feel as if something in our life is missing and what steps we can take to feel more whole, connected and fulfilled. We often struggle with different areas of our lives and relationships at the same time. The combination of which, can leave us feeling perplexed and as if we are not moving forward. Most of us have patterns of behaviour and ingrained beliefs that hold us back in some way. Becoming aware of how these parts of our personalities work can create real transformation. 

Using a variety of techniques and approaches, I take an in-depth and compassionate approach that is personalised for you. The process, rather than being passive (where you are only listened to and received) is active. I aim to help you cultivate more self connection and awareness, discover where you may be stuck, reveal inner conflicts and guide you towards more clarity and life force. 



Psychosynthesis is an in-depth Post-Jungian approach to our psychological experiences and growth. It lies at the cutting edge of thought and practice in the field of integrative, humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy. In 1927, Robert Assagioli (a colleague and counterpart of Freud and Jung) criticised Freud and Psychoanalysis and founded Psychosynthesis. He proposed that the purpose of psychological integration was to contact a deeper centre of identity (the Self), to nurture its unfoldment, while removing obstacles to its actualisation. He held a wide and deeply compassionate view of the human condition and devised numerous techniques to embrace the whole of the person, our higher and lower unconscious, as well as, our survival endeavours and the aspects of ourselves we want to accept and reject.

In counselling it is possible to address:

~ Stress, depression and anxiety
~ Identity, confidence and self esteem
~ Emptiness and isolation
~ Relational and family dynamics
~ Conflict and communication
~ Trauma, PTSD and abuse
~ Inner-child and sub-personality work
~ Infidelity, separation and divorce
~ Addictions, eating disorders & self harm
~ Fertility, miscarriage, abortion, birth & postnatal depression
~ Physical and psychological effects of illness 
~ Grief and loss

Sad on Couch
Image by Yoann Boyer

A Psychosynthesis Counsellor...


the need for meaning and purpose as being fundamental to our well-being


that our mind, body, emotions and spirit are deeply interrelated


our individual and unique qualities while being interconnected with others and the environment


powerful experiences and the defence mechanisms around them which can hinder our self connection and development


that we repress what we do not like in ourselves as well as, some our higher impulses such as intuition, altruism, inspiration and joy


to integrate different parts of our experience, in order to create more self connection and a capacity to live vibrantly


life as a journey of development, where problems are often opportunities for growth


that our individual will is necessary before change and transformation can take place


to emphasise the Self, as the source of psychological health


a compassionate and optimistic attitude to our experiences, despite the dominance of the pathologically orientated psychology

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