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“We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship.”

Harville Hendrix

Effective Couples Counselling

In the life of a relationship, it is common to feel that we have lost connection. How you both show up, respond and react can be complex. A willingness and interest to understand what is happening in your relationship can pave the way for a much more mature, conscious and satisfying relating.


I take an in-depth and intensive approach, that will challenge, give you both tools and new skills to upgrade your relationship. It is possible to benefit from couples therapy at any stage of a relationship. Whether you are facing communication issues, impasses, disconnection, conflict, infidelity, crisis, or bringing the relationship to a conscious closing.

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The overall aim of couples counselling is to help you do the following:


a deeper insight into the impact you may be having on your partner


more relational and communication skills that enable you to be better heard, received and understood


on past experiences that may be influencing how you operate in the present and identify the underlying relational issues


and resolve conflicts where possible


a deeper empathic understanding of your needs, differences and what is important to you both


more trust, listening and understanding between the two of you


what could make your relationship more loving, respectful and deeply satisfying

Bespoke Couples Intensive Workshops

Once we have had an initial meeting, I also offer bespoke couples intensive workshops. These are designed for your couple and delivered in private, over two days, a day, or a half day intensive. I deliver a combination of interactive exercises and therapy sessions to prioritise and address what is happening in your relationship and ensure you both feel you have the tools and insight to move forward.


The intensives are also used by many to address impasses, conflicts, working through infidelity, conflict, power dynamics, communication, distance, connection, parenting and crisis points. The concentrated time, gives both parties the opportunity to be heard, understood and professionally mediated and guided.

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